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Do agents make cheap auto insurance easier to get?

At first it may seem challenging to find cheap auto insurance. It’s a complex industry, sometimes with hidden discounts and different regulations for every state. A broker can help you navigate the field, but can they really be trusted to deliver an impartial opinion? Sometimes it’s best to roll up your sleeves and start investigating websites yourself to find the best deal for your dollar.

Securing quotes through an agent might seem comforting at first. But even they might not be aware of all the rules and guidelines available within your state. Also, even the lowest quotes are probably higher than those from a web-based company. A branch office has overhead expenses to recoup such as office space and marketing campaigns. After all, they have to catch your attention somehow.

Online companies don’t have to put forth the same level of expenditures. With fewer expenses, they can make a larger profit, and usually more quickly than the traditional business model. This means they can get by with charging much less than a local office; those savings are passed right on to you, the consumer.

There isn’t much a broker can do that you’re not capable of accomplishing on your own. Discounts are pretty easy to find. A quick search will reveal that drivers over the age of 25 get lower rates than younger drivers. And those who reach retirement age have rates lowered yet again. For younger, more inexperienced drivers, keeping your grade point average high can knock a percentage off the monthly premium.

To help you find the best cheap auto insurance, most websites will have a quick questionnaire to fill out. Answering the questions will help them determine which discounts you may be eligible for. It’s just that easy.

Don’t feel discouraged if it’s frustrating at first. The more you know, the easier the process becomes. It won’t take much time before you can find cheap auto insurance quotes all on your own through a comparison website, without having to rely on an agent or broker.